So, besides faces...

This could be controversial but here goes. Culling software (Aftershoot, OptiCull, etc.) all focus on AI models based on the only belief that culling is about focus, smiling, eyes open, etc. There are a lot of photographers who shoot other subjects like wildlife, landscapes, etc.

Here's the ask...are there other AI models to allow culling of these different genre? Aftershoot offers about six or so but they are all people-focused events (wedding, etc.). Can't find anything but face stuff in Narrative Select. I've not found any other culling software that provides options for "what" to cull around (meaning type of photos in the session).

So here's an opportunity to leap-frog the others with the ability to choose the type of culling the user wants to run (which of course uses the appropriate AI engine).

Thanks for considering this.

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